DJM-600KG Rolling Up Door Engine from Zhangzhou

DJM-600KG Rolling Up Door Engine from Zhangzhou

Safety brake, accurate limited control positioning, with double limit switch, prevent door over roll-up.


The advantage of Electronic Limit Rolling Door Motors:

1. 100% copper material inside the motor, so it have a large capacity and durable than other motors.

2. The first flexible opening and closing technology, it can make the motor soft start and soft stop, longer service life, better protection of the door body(Variable frequency)

3. Two steps to brake the motor, the brake is more stable and more safety to use; with the lightning protection, the motor is not easy to be damaged.

4. The gear structure with three levels for variable speed, the service life has 10 times comparing with the ordinary motor, lower noise , higher efficiency. 



The Rolling Shutter Motor Up to 600 kgs:

AC rolling door motor is developed by our company according to the market demands and years of production experience, They are the ideal accessory products in shopping malls, hotels, warehouses and other buildings. 




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